Sunday, August 2, 2015

Family reunion

Today I photographed a fantastic family reunion.  This was the first time in over 10 years since the whole family has been together.  It was such a privilege to be the one to photograph them.

 photo IMG_1340web.jpg
 photo IMG_1353.jpg
 photo IMG_1385.jpg
 photo IMG_1452.jpg
 photo IMG_1482.jpg
 photo IMG_1499.jpg
 photo IMG_1532.jpg
 photo IMG_1564.jpg
 photo IMG_1574.jpg
 photo IMG_1587.jpg
 photo IMG_1590.jpg
 photo IMG_1602.jpg
 photo IMG_1610.jpg
 photo IMG_1636.jpg
 photo IMG_1645editweb.jpg
 photo IMG_1668.jpg
 photo IMG_1674editweb.jpg
 photo IMG_1740editweb.jpg
 photo IMG_1757.jpg
 photo IMG_1766.jpg
 photo IMG_1780.jpg
 photo IMG_1794.jpg
 photo IMG_1805.jpg
 photo IMG_1825.jpg
 photo IMG_1837.jpg
 photo IMG_1854.jpg
 photo IMG_1893.jpg
 photo IMG_1914.jpg
 photo IMG_1949.jpg

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Engagements at the Botanical Gardens

Today I met up with a sweet couple who are getting married at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens this spring and we took a walk around the gardens and took their engagement pictures.  I wasn't sure how they would turn out, seeing as we had snow earlier this week, but the gardens are still beautiful even with out the greenery.  It was so fun hanging out with these two!
 photo IMG_1783web.jpg
 photo IMG_1793web.jpg
 photo IMG_1805web.jpg
 photo IMG_1824web.jpg
 photo IMG_1879web.jpg
 photo IMG_1900web.jpg
 photo IMG_1920web.jpg
 photo IMG_1949web.jpg
 photo IMG_1974web.jpg
 photo IMG_1982web.jpg
 photo IMG_2024web.jpg
 photo IMG_2042web.jpg
 photo IMG_2123web.jpg
 photo IMG_2231web.jpg

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Out in Athens

Today I met this awesome family down in Athens.  I have never been to this walking trail before, but it was beautiful  I was so happily surprised to find these beautiful rocks to pose on.  It was FREEZING but we soldiered through, and little KB was such a ham once we got going.

 photo IMG_7885web_zps4402f0d5.jpg
 photo IMG_7894web_zpscf7aa9bc.jpg
 photo IMG_7908web_zpsdd3bda0a.jpg
 photo IMG_7917web_zps57313217.jpg
 photo IMG_7925web_zpsd527254f.jpg
 photo IMG_7930web_zps047ce0ef.jpg
 photo IMG_7960web_zpsf352baf7.jpg

 photo IMG_7999web_zps13223556.jpg

 photo IMG_7938web_zpsa672897e.jpg
 photo IMG_7963web_zps8c1c4a90.jpg

 photo IMG_7976web_zps3df218f6.jpg
 photo IMG_7980web_zpse1e44147.jpg
 photo IMG_7984web_zpsed7f9ccc.jpg
 photo IMG_8018web_zpsbb6cff98.jpg

 photo IMG_7899web_zps24c65e67.jpg
 photo IMG_7906web_zps9383110e.jpg
 photo IMG_7940web_zpsfe6d32c5.jpg
 photo IMG_7943web_zpsab7c73d9.jpg
 photo IMG_8033web_zpsa316d4ef.jpg