Sunday, August 2, 2015

Family reunion

Today I photographed a fantastic family reunion.  This was the first time in over 10 years since the whole family has been together.  It was such a privilege to be the one to photograph them.

 photo IMG_1340web.jpg
 photo IMG_1353.jpg
 photo IMG_1385.jpg
 photo IMG_1452.jpg
 photo IMG_1482.jpg
 photo IMG_1499.jpg
 photo IMG_1532.jpg
 photo IMG_1564.jpg
 photo IMG_1574.jpg
 photo IMG_1587.jpg
 photo IMG_1590.jpg
 photo IMG_1602.jpg
 photo IMG_1610.jpg
 photo IMG_1636.jpg
 photo IMG_1645editweb.jpg
 photo IMG_1668.jpg
 photo IMG_1674editweb.jpg
 photo IMG_1740editweb.jpg
 photo IMG_1757.jpg
 photo IMG_1766.jpg
 photo IMG_1780.jpg
 photo IMG_1794.jpg
 photo IMG_1805.jpg
 photo IMG_1825.jpg
 photo IMG_1837.jpg
 photo IMG_1854.jpg
 photo IMG_1893.jpg
 photo IMG_1914.jpg
 photo IMG_1949.jpg

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